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100% Silver Fiber EMF Shielding Pregnancy Apron

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10002 Electromagnetic radiation protective apron(bellyband)(100% Silver fiber)

 Why do women need to wear radiation protection during pregnancy?

 (01) During pregnancy, the uterus of pregnant mothers is protected. It is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation in life. Pre-protection helps pregnant women.

(02) 0-3 months of pregnancy in pregnant women, fetal embryos may suffer physical defects or deformities due to general electromagnetic radiation

(03) Pregnancy is 4-5 months old for the fetus. The long-term exposure of the fetus to electromagnetic radiation may cause damage and even dementia.

(04) Pregnant women are pregnant for 6-10 months as the growth of the fetus. At this time, the fetus is in a stage of growth. Long-term exposure to radiation may cause the fetus to have poor body function, poor post-natal constitution and resistance, and even damage to the central nervous system.


The main radiation protection component of clothing:

100% Silver fiber


Frequency range and shielding effectiveness:

Frequency range: 10MHz-40GHz   

Shielding effectiveness: 49.1dB-71.4d


Anti-electromagnetic wave clothing shielding principle:

The metal is highly conductive and has an electromagnetic shielding function. When a pregnant woman wears an anti-electromagnetic wave clothing to contact an electronic device, the anti-electromagnetic wave clothing can quickly and effectively conduct electromagnetic waves, thereby protecting the fetus in the abdomen from electromagnetic waves.


Radiation protection suits have the shelf life of it?

Q: Can radiation protection products be washed? How long does the radiation protection product last? Is it related to the date of manufacture?

A: The radiation protection product can be washed. The radiation protection fabric has the standard of washing durability. Under normal circumstances, it can be washed more than 300 times. It does not affect the normal radiation protection effect. It does not mean that it cannot be washed. Radiation protection products are generally suitable for 1-3 years, because the friction during the wearing process will produce different degrees of aging, so the effect of the radiation protection product has nothing to do with the production date, and has a relationship with the abrasion resistance of the radiation protection fabric, which can be based on wear. The extent and age of use determines the age of use.


[NOTE]: Cell phone signal does not equal cell phone radiation

The mobile phone signal is a high-frequency microwave signal. It is the ability of the mobile phone itself to receive signals. It is basically harmless to the human body. The mobile phone signal has spread all over the world and is also supported by the countries of the world. The mobile phone can automatically search for signals. The steel in high-rise buildings is all steel. The elevator can receive signals, so the mobile phone initiative to search for signals has its own particularity. The protective effect of radiation protection suits cannot be based on the strength of mobile phone signals.

My anti-radiation aprons are protected against electromagnetic waves generated by the sudden increase or decay of electric currents in electronic components, and are not anti-cell-phone signals.

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